Next Level Restoration

A significant part of therapeutic healing involves investing your time in restorative practices and self-care. This includes ensuring that your eating practices, exercise regimen, and sleep hygiene are helping your recovery by giving you the best possible foundation for your healing process. It also involves spending time engaged in deliberate relaxation, and doing things that give you pleasure or make you feel joy.

My colleagues at Elevated Wellness (the integrative health centre where Around the Corner Counselling it located) may be able to help with some of that. If you are so inclined, I would encourage you to consider treating yourself to a relaxing massage with a massage therapist, seeing a manual osteopath to discuss your whole-person physical needs, attending a restorative yoga class with yoga teacher Amie Jonas, attending a 1.5-hr introductory workshop on yoga for anxiety, stress, and trauma with yoga therapist Shari Arial, or attending the candlelight yoga flow class on Monday nights with Amber Renee. Information about how to book into these events is included below.

– Book a massage or manual osteopathy appointment with Reset Wellness at

– Contact Amie Jonas at to book a restorative yoga class on Wednesdays

– Contact Amber Renee at to book your spot in the candlelit yoga class on Mondays

– Contact Shari Arial at for information about trauma-informed yoga and/or to book your spot in a trauma-informed yoga workshop or group

I hope you enjoy your restorative practices!

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