Mindful Body Scan

I have found that the first step towards learning how to cope with your thoughts and feelings is to become more aware of them. Because people are born thinkers you may notice that it’s much easier to notice your thoughts than your feelings. And yet, so many of the problems people come to see me about are problems that are primarily felt in the body: the heart-racing, shaking tension of anxiety, or the heavy weight of depression that can leave people feeling slowed and exhausted. Our stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and many other emotional experiences are intimately connected with the physical sensations of our bodies.

The first step in helping address the physical side of these experiences is to become more aware of how they manifest in you as an individual. To that end, I recommend checking out this guided meditation to bring attention to your body sensations through a mindful body scan. It’s a great way to learn about what you’re feeling and where, which is a necessary first step to being able to identify coping strategies that will best work for you.

Give it a try; what did you think of it?

New Group: Mindful Movement Through Anxiety

We are excited to announce that we are taking registrations for a new group called Mindful Movement Through Anxiety. Developed and facilitated by Dr. J. Lauren Johnson (psychologist) and Carolyn Box (physical training expert), this small group (maximum five participants per cohort) uses mindfulness and physical movement to help process anxious distress and develop coping skills. It runs on Friday afternoons at a personal training studio in Riverbend (south Edmonton) beginning November 10. If you or anyone you know may benefit from this powerful mind-body anxiety group, please direct them to contact our office at 780-318-1480 for information or to register. Thank you!!

Mindful Movement Anxiety Group Information