Forms and Resources

First Session Paperwork

Please feel free to download these forms so you can complete and sign them prior to your first session. You can then send them to ATCC prior to your session by mail, secure fax, or secure e-mail, or bring your completed forms with you to your first session. This can help save some time during your first session, allowing you to spend more of that time working towards your treatment goals and less time filling out and reviewing paperwork.

ATCC Consent Form – Short

ATCC Consent for Release of Information



Subsequent Session Paperwork

At ATCC, it would be most appreciated if you could fill out our Outcome Measures paperwork (CORE-OM) every 3-5 sessions. This helps us track your progress and provides useful information about what symptoms are changing and how we may alter your treatment plan to make therapy more effective for you. Please feel free to download and fill this out, then bring to your next session if it has been a while since your last CORE-OM was administered.



Handouts and Homework

Interested in working on some therapeutic issues between sessions? Or were you given a handout in session and misplaced it? Perhaps you wanted to listen to a guided visualization between sessions but lost the link that was provided to you by your therapist. This section is for you! Please feel free to browse our collection of handouts and homework for you to download and work on at home.

The Guest House (Rumi) – A Metaphor for Acceptance

Sleep Hygiene Handout

My Toolkit – A Coping Skills Worksheet

Guided Focusing Handout

Feelings and Needs Inventory

Decision Making Worksheet

CBT Thought Record Work Sheet

CBT Cognitive Distortions

Assertive Communication Worksheet

Apps You May Find Helpful

Leaves on the Stream Audio File (press play to stream below)

YouTube Videos

Loving Kindness Meditation

Guided Body Scan

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Radical Acceptance Guided Meditation